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 Unbanned on WI2!

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PostSubject: Unbanned on WI2!   Wed May 02, 2007 11:52 pm

hello fellow [IwP] members,

as most of u might know already, we've been unbanned on WI2, so we can all play there again and own the *peep* out of everyone cheers

The map-routine has changed on WI2, there are some very nice maps, but also many maps who are no fun at all. In my opinion, the old maps were better.

Anyway, 1 more thing.

Beware of the player > *WI* Gangster Dan <
He hates [IwP] and is trying his hardest to get us banned again. Gato0 and myself had a big argument with gangster dan today in WI2.
He says we have to get banned for recruiting and he really tries to annoy us as much as he can.

Make sure you behave properly and do not flame him or any other people in the WI servers ( in every server rly.. but especially in the WI's cause we aren't the best friends with some of them).

that was all for today Cool

grtz Fugi king
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PostSubject: Re: Unbanned on WI2!   Thu May 03, 2007 7:42 am

[IwP]Fugitive wrote:

Beware of the player > *WI* Gangster Dan <
Haha, you made me smile.
If he insults you or your clan mates just take a screenshot and send it to me. Wink
And congratulations for getting unbanned! rabbit
(By the way, these smilies are awesome! rendeer )
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Unbanned on WI2!
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